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A Doctor Speaks: Who is a Candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Who is a Candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy? By Abraham Morgentaler, M.D. There is consensus that candidates for treatment with Testosterone Replacement Therapy should have signs...
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What is a Normal Blood Level of Testosterone?

Normal values may vary from lab to lab depending on what reference range they use. Your doctor will have your test results in one...
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Testosterone Discount Lab Tests

How to Read Your Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)Have you ever wondered what the numbers and complicated words on your blood tests mean? In...
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Does Testosterone Increase the Chance for a Heart Attack?

"Many healthcare providers hesitate to initiate men on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) due to the belief that these treatments increase the risk of cardiovascular...
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Testosterone Therapeutic Options and Best Practices in Management

This excellent lecture is recommended for clinicians and educated patients. From largest urology conference in the world (2015) https://www.aua2015.org/webcasts/webc...&agendaid=7907 TRANSCRIPTION: Speaker 1: So without further ado, I'd like...