15 Things that Will Kill Your Erections- By Lee Myers

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As I often state, an erection is actually a very complex phyical process that involves multiple bodily systems. This is why optimal general health is so critical for optimum bedroom performance (and libido). Furthermore, few men realize that many of the things, lifestyle and otherwise, are very significant erection killers. This can be in the short term or even lead to longer term erectile dysfunction as we will discuss below.

Most of the list below is common sense. However, a lot of times when you are in the battle, it is hard some of the important details that could be causing you issues. Plus, many things that can hurt your general and sexual health are culturally acceptable and so it simply never crosses our minds. So, if you are experiencing erectile difficulties, scan through the list of 15 Erection Killersbelow to see if any may apply and then discuss with your physician:

CAUTION: Do not alter any medications without talking to your physician first.


More on ED: https://www.excelmale.com/threads/417…tter-Erections


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