Compounded Testosterone Products for Men and Women Available by Prescription

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I searched a database of testosterone products made by compounding pharmacies:

Testosterone 25-mg/g Alcohol Gel
Testosterone Propionate 20-mg/gram in White Petrolatum
Methyltestosterone 6-mg/mL Carbomer Gel
Testosterone 0.625-mg Troches
Testosterone 10-mg/0.1 mL Sublingual Drops
Testosterone 10-mg Troches
Testosterone 1-mg Buccal Troches
Testosterone 25-mg in Peanut Oil Capsules
Testosterone Propionate 100-mg/mL Sterile Oleagenous Injection, Human,
Testosterone 1-mg/0.1-mL Topical Vaginal or Scrotal Spray
Testosterone 25-mg/mL Clear Topical Solution
Testosterone 5-mg/0.1-mL in Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Gel
Testosterone 10-mg/gram in Vanicream™
Testosterone Propionate 20-mg/gram in Dermabase™
Testosterone 50-mg/mL Topical Solution
Testosterone 1-mg/0.1-mL Nasal Spray, Preserved
Testosterone 20-mg/mL Alcoholic Scalp Lotion
Testosterone 1-mg/0.1-mL in Pluronic™ Lecithin Organogel
Dehydroepiandrosterone [DHEA] 15-mg and Testosterone 2-mg Troches
Estradiol 0.5-mg, Estriol 2-mg, Progesterone 50-mg and Testosterone
1-mg Oral Capsules
Testosterone 63.3-mg/g and Menthol Eutectic Ointment
Estradiol 0.5-mg, Progesterone 40-mg and Testosterone 0.5-mg Capsules
in Safflower Oil
Testosterone 100-mg/g in Pentravan™ Gel-Cream, Preserved, Human, Veterinary
Testosterone 10-mg/mL Alcohol-Carbomer Gel
Testosterone 2-mg and DHEA 15-mg Troches
Testosterone 31.6% and Menthol 68.4% Eutectic Mixture [Powder]
Testosterone Propionate 20-mg/mL in Methylcellulose 2% Gel
Estradiol 0.25-mg, Estriol 2-mg, Estrone 0.25mg, Progesterone 100-mg
and Testosterone 1-mg Capsules
Estradiol 0.25-mg/mL, Estriol 2-mg/mL, Estrone 0.25-mg/mL,
Progesterone 100-mg/mL and Testosterone 1-mg/mL Sublingual Solution in
Almond Oil



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