Nelson Vergel’s Top 10 Testosterone Commandments

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1.Have reasonable expectations. Testosterone is not a magic bullet.

2.Do not fall prey to testosterone booster scams.

3.Do not obsess about estradiol without testing it with right (sensitive) test.

4.Monitor your hematocrit every 2-3 months during first year of therapy. Donate blood if it reaches 52, but be careful with donations more frequent than every two months (low iron or ferritin).

5.Explore easier ways to inject like subcutaneous and shallow IM.

6.Never cycle TRT on and off.

7.You can’t change what you don’t measure. Monitor your blood tests and quality of life. Know your trends. Use, & TRT Analyzer App.

8.Do not change more than one variable at a time. You will lose track of what works and what doesn’t.

9.Protect your fertility, testicles and upstream hormones (HCG)

10.Don’t stay behind in this evolving field. Register on

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