Male Depression and Suicide: It’s Time for a Change

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‘… Men don’t cry. In clinic when a man cries, you can see it might be the first time he’s cried in a long time, and it’s almost as if he’s wiping the shame off his face rather than the tears. Men need to cry. And feel OK about it.’ – Dr Stephen Barratt, junior psychiatrist

‘Not seeking help becomes a common trait and isn’t even mentioned to friends of the same gender. Like for fear of becoming seen as less of an “Alpha.”‘ – J.R. a student

The unspoken epidemic of male suicide may find some blame in society. Despite depression, self-harm and suicide attempts being more likely in women, rates of completed male suicide grossly outweigh that of their female counterparts. Media-influenced perception of the ideal man rarely allows for emotion. You rarely see James Bond, Bruce Willis or Thor expressing much sensitivity. This article discusses the cause and burden of suicidal depression, why men are especially at risk and what can be done to save lives.…e-for-a-change


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