Worry Free Erections: Trimix

5mL Tri Mix

Worry Free Erections: Trimix

Did you know that erectile dysfunction is a surprisingly common problem among older men? Roughly 5% of men over 40 suffer from ED, but that number jumps as high as 25% by the time you reach your mid-60s.

While ED is fairly common, it’s important to understand that it’s NOT a normal part of growing older. While older man may require more stimulation to maintain and achieve erections, erectile dysfunction is a disorder that should not be accepted as “commonplace”.

Causes of ED include:

– Obesity
– Diabetes
– Heart disease
– Low testosterone
High prolactin and low thyroid function
– Atherosclerosis
– High blood pressure or cholesterol
– Metabolic syndrome
– Parkinson’s disease
– Stress
– Depression
– Medication side effects
– and the list goes on…

Treating Erectile Dysfunction can help to restore normal, healthy blood flow to your penis, returning your erections to the hard, long-lasting things they once were. For those who are trying to deal with ED, Trimix is one of the best options to consider.

Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Trimix, such as how it works, what it does, and how much you need to take. We’ll also look at potential side effects and dangers of the medication. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not Trimix is the treatment option for you.

About Trimix

For those who have difficulty achieving and maintaining a full erection, Trimix is a unique medication that presents a solution to erectile dysfunction.

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It is a combination of three medications that work synergistically:

1. Alprostadil, which helps to stimulate the production of prostaglandin.
2. Papaverine, which is a vasodilator that can increase blood flow to your penis, thereby improving your erections.
3. Phentolamine, which helps to combat high blood pressure, one of the primary contributing factors in ED.

The result of this “tri-mix” (hence the name) is harder, firmer, easier erections. Not only can the medication help to improve erections, but it makes it possible to achieve erections even without sexual stimulation (though stimulation makes it works better). The three medications work together to dilate the smooth muscles of the penis, increase arterial blood flow to the penis, restrict the outflow of blood, promoting erectile rigidity.

The beauty of Trimix is that it combines these three medications into one triple threat. The combination has proven more effective than any of the medications on their own, making Trimix one of the most potent, useful treatments for ED.


The effects of Trimix are rapid–erections will usually appear in as little as 5-10 minutes–and will work in up to 80% of men. The length of your erections depend on a number of factors (such as your general health), but the average duration is around 30 minutes.

In some cases, men have developed a resistance to Trimix, forcing doctors to upgrade the dose. However, in many cases, men have been able to continue using Trimix indefinitely without developing a tolerance.


Trimix is injected directly into the penis, using a fine-gauge needle (the sort used to inject insulin). Thankfully, the dosage is very small (see the “Dosage” section), so there is minimal discomfort in this very sensitive body part. However, even the small dosage is effective at increasing blood flow to the penis, thereby improving erections and making them stronger and last longer.

The medication can be injected in a number of locations on the penis. Most injections will be administered on the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions on the penis, as that ensures the medication is injected directly into the corpus cavernosum. However, the injections can also be administered at 2, 4, 8, and 10 o’clock positions.

There will be a slight discomfort, but thanks to the limited number of nerve endings in this location, the pain should be minimal.

For information on how to properly inject the medication, visit this Excel Male discussion: https://www.excelmale.com/showthread….ections-Part-2


Not sure how much Trimix you should be taking? You should ALWAYS consult a doctor before taking medications, especially potent ones like Trimix.

The most common initial dose for Trimix ranges from 0.05 cc to 0.2 cc, though the dosage will usually depend on your level of ED (more severe cases may require a higher dosage).

However, if this initial dosage doesn’t have the desired effects, your doctor may recommend increasing the dosage. The dosage will usually increase in increments of 0.025 to 0.05 cc’s, but only until the satisfactory dosage (the one that yields the desired results) is reached. You should not reinject within 6 hours of your last injection due to potential cumulative effect that can lead to priaprism (more on this later).

Your doctor may change the dosage of your injections, according to the results obtained.

Note: Trimix is a strictly-controlled medication, one that can only be obtained via prescription. Any Trimix sold or purchased without a prescription is illegal.

The three medications will be mixed by the pharmacist, and it MUST be refrigerated to last. If left outside the fridge, it will degrade. However, it can survive up to 6 months when properly stored. (For people who travel a lot, there are options for medications that do not require refrigeration.)

Side Effects

As with any medication, there is a risk of side effects when using Trimix:

Priaprism — Priapism is an often-painful, prolonged erection that continues hours beyond sexual stimulation–or is not caused by the stimulation. If you inject too large a dosage, it may cause priapism, as well as damage to the erectile tissue.

Pain — Pain is a common side effect with any type of injection. Thankfully, there are fewer nerve endings in the part of the penis you will be injecting, so the pain should be minimal. However, you can use topical anesthetic creams and jellies to reduce the pain of the injections. Auto-injectors are also an effective way to overcome hesitation and fear about pain. The spring-loaded auto-injectors insert the needle very quickly for more effective injections. In very few cases, there is pain experienced during erection (priapism).

Bleeding — This is only a side effect if you inject in the wrong location or at the wrong angle. There is a chance you will hit a small blood vessel in the penis with the needle, and you may notice a few drops of blood when you remove the muscle. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be serious, and with the 5 minutes of pressure you will apply to the injection area, the bleeding will stop. If there is a lot of blood, you may have hit a large blood vessel or the urethra. Apply pressure for 5-7 minutes, and abstain from intercourse until the bleeding stops.

Incorrect Injections — For those who are new to the Trimix injections, there is a risk that nothing will happen after an injection. This is usually the result of an injection that was too shallow, too deep, incorrect dosage, or using expired medication.

Infection — While rare, it has happened that infections develop at the injection site. It’s vital that you keep your penis clean and use alcohol swabs before using Trimix injections.

Scarring — Frequent injections (more than twice a week) can cause scarring on the penis at the injection site. For this reason, doctors caution against injecting more than two times per week. The more time between injections, the more your penis can heal–reducing the risk of scarring. Peyronie’s disease is a rare side effect of injections. Essentially, it’s scar tissue that forms inside the penis, reducing blood flow and function. For this reason, it’s recommended to alternate sides of the penis for the injections.

Curvature — Abnormal curvature of the penis is one of the known side effects of Trimix injections. The curvature is the result of scar tissue building up inside the penis. However, it only results in 3-8% of men using Trimix injections.

Negative Interaction With Vacuum PumpFor men who use vacuum pumps to achieve and maintain erections, it’s vital to understand that using the pump after a Trimix injection can be VERY dangerous. Use of the vacuum pump can lead to serious bleeding. Use the pump before the injection, or skip it altogether–let Trimix do its thing.

Negative Interactions with ED drugs — Men using Viagra should NOT inject Trimix, and vice versa. Taking both treatments at the same time can increase the risk of painful erections.

As you can see, Trimix does offer a lot of benefits to those trying to deal with ED. However, it’s important to understand as much as possible about the medication so you can use it safely and efficiently.

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