Top Testosterone and Men’s Health News- May 2017

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Half-Lives of Medication: The Most Underrated Aspect of TRT
Is Glutathione the Best Supplement for Health?
Should We Be Managing Estradiol and Hematocrit in Men on Testosterone Replacement?
The Prostate and Testosterone: A Lecture by Dr. Joseph LaBoissiere
Erectile Dysfunction: An Excellent Lecture from the American Urological Association
Testosterone Decreased HDL: What Can I Do?
Estradiol in Men: An Interview with Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, University of Miami Urology Professor
Are AIs Being Prescribed More Often?
Ask the Urologist Anything – An Open Forum With Dr. Michael Rotman
New Urological Procedure Looks Promising for Men With Enlarged Prostates
White-Coat Hypertension: Thirty Minute Monitoring May Reduce the Incidence
Testosterone Efficacy and Cardiovascular Safety: New Data
Hematocrit May Stabilize After Long-Term TRT
Why Clomid Can Fail: The Zuclomiphene Threshold
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